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Flagship Projects

The Government of Kenya has prioritized the Big Four Agenda for implementation in the next five years. The Big Four presents four key areas of focus that will transform the lives and wellbeing of the citizens of Kenya.

The Lake Basin Development Authority is cognizant of the importance of this development agenda and has defined the programmes and projects that are aligned to the Big Four agenda

Projects in Detail

Under this pillar the Government of Kenya will support value addition and raise the manufacturing sector’s share to GDP to 15% by 2022. This will accelerate economic growth, create jobs and reduce poverty. The Lake Basin Development Authority has prioritized the following projects to achieve the objectives of this pillar:

  1. a) Upscaling of the Kibos Rice Mill – LBDC
  2. b) Fruits Processing Plant
  3. c) Vegetables Processing Plant
  4. d) Modern Honey Processing Plant
  5. e) Animal Feed Processing Plant
  6. f) Cotton Ginnery and Oil Press Factory
  7. g) Magwagwa Multipurpose Dam Project
  8. h) Nandi Multipurpose Dam Project
  9. a) Up-scalling of the Rice mill
  • The project involves the revamping of the milling operations and the improvement of the machinery to enhance and spur productivity. The machinery to be upgraded include the des-stoner, the plan shifter, the polisher and the colour sorter. In addition, the rubber rollers and the screens will be procured. The Authority will also procure 3,000 tonnes of paddy rice from farmers annually. The upgraded mill will operate at 3.5 tonnes per hour with a minimum of 75% recovery rate. The sustainability of the project will be enhanced by reviewing the milling operations and providing a platform for bringing on board a private investor for partnership.
  • Estimated Project cost: Ksh.250,000,000
  • b) Integrated Fruits and Vegetables Processing Plant Project
  • The multi component integrated project will promote the community-based fruit and vegetable production through social media campaigns with The Marketing Heaven in order to create and sustain the market created by the establishment of the Integrated Fruit and Vegetable Processing plant at Kisumu County to serve counties such as Homabay, Migori, Kisii, Nyamira, kericho, Vihiga and Kakamega which have been growing such agricultural produce but have been largely exploited by middlemen leading to huge losses.
  • The project is expected to compliment the Kimira Oluch Small Holder Farm Irrigation Project. The Integrated fruit and vegetables processing plan will process 10tons of raw material per hour and produce 35,200 tonnes of fruit juice and 2,000 tonnes of dried vegetables annually. This will enhance food and nutrition security as well as increase household income and create up to 8,000 jobs.
  • Estimated Project Cost: Ksh.951,600,000
  • c) Ndhiwa Modern Honey processing Plant Project
  • The project entails the purchase and installation of a honey processing machine at Ndhiwa to process 6 tonnes on honey per year. The project will also include expansion of infrastructure to scale up the honey refinery into a modern honey processing factory.
  • Estimated Project Cost: Ksh.50,000,000
  • d) Cotton Ginnery and Oil Press Factory Projects in Kisumu
  • The project entails the construction of a cotton ginnery and oil press factory in Kisumu as a strategy of reviving the cotton industry in West Kenya and the nation as a whole. The project will involve the acquisition and installation of a cotton ginning machine with a capacity of processing 3,780 tonnes of cotton per year.
  • Estimated Project Cost: Ksh.700,00,000

e) Animal Feeds Processing Plant in Kisumu

  • The project entails the construction of an animal feeds processing plant with an annual production capacity of 61,875 tonnes. The project involves the acquisition and installation of animal feeds processing machinery and equipment as well as the construction of support infrastructure.
  • Estimated Project Cost: Ksh.50,300,000

Under this pillar the Government will focus on initiatives that guarantee food security and nutrition to all Kenyans by 2022 through expansion of food production and supply, reduction of food prices to ensure affordability and support value addition in the food processing value chain. Towards this end, the Lake Basin Development Authority has prioritized the following projects:
Regional Demonstration and Technology Development Centres
Lichota, Muhoroni and Alupe Solar Irrigation Project
Nyakach-Kano Irrigation Development Project
Kano-Kajulu Irrigation Development Project

Under this pillar, the Government of Kenya will strive to provide at least five hundred thousand (500,000) affordable new houses to Kenyans by 2022, and thereby improve the living conditions for Kenyans. The Lake Basin Development Authority has prioritized the following projects that are geared towards this end:

  LBDA Headquarters and Housing Project

Sironga and Kodera Brick Production Project

Affordable Healthcare


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