Ongoing Projects 2022-09-10T22:39:42+00:00

The Upscaling of the Kibos Rice Mill 

This project involves the revamping and upscaling of milling operations at Kibos Rice Mill in Kisumu through the acquisition and installation of a new mill to enhance efficiency and spur productivity. The machinery that is scheduled for upgrading includes the destoner, the plan shifter, the water polisher, the elevator, the rubber rollers and the screens. The Authority also plans to procure 2,500 tonnes of paddy rice from rice farmers annually. The upgraded mill will operate at 3.5 tonnes per hour processing speed with a minimum of 75% rate of recovery.

The project was initiated on 1st of July, 2017 and is expected to be completed in the FY 2021/22. The new milling machine has been acquired and is currently being installed. The cost of the project is Ksh. 250 million.

Regional Demonstration and Technology Transfer Centres 

The Regional Demonstration Centres have been in existence since 1986 and have been impacting on the community. However, in 2014 LBDA saw it fit to restructure the centres to operate above break-even point and turn them into centres of excellence. Towards this end, the Authority has started with the rehabilitation of fish farms and is planning to establish a Reticulation Aquaculture System (RAS) technology at Kibos Integrated Technology Transfer Centre. The technology will aid in the production of 4,000,000 mono-sexed fingerlings and 600 tonnes of table-size fish annually.

The centres support technology transfer in agriculture and livestock development, promotion of coffee and aquaculture development (Reticulation Aquaculture System (RAS).

The project was initiated in the FY 2014/15 and was completed in the FY 2018/19. The cost of the project is Ksh. 150 Million.