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The Lake Basin Mall

As a pioneer project to the Housing Development Project covering the entire Region, LBDA has put up an approximate of 60,000m2 state-of-the-art Shopping Mall Complex at its headquarters along Kisumu-Kakamega highway near Mamboleo junction. The Shopping Mall Complex construction is valued at a cost of Kshs. 4 billion which began after a ground breaking ceremony by the then Cabinet Secretary Hon. Dr. Judi Wakhungu on 7th August, 2013.

Components of the Shopping Mall Complex

Shopping mall3 Star HotelShow RoomsTyre CentreRecreational Park

In accessing the mall, shoppers will enjoy the traffic advantages from the improvement of the Kisumu-Kakamega dual carriage way and the planned Londiani-Miwani-Kisumu bypass.

Geographical Advantages
The LBDA Shopping Mall Complex enjoys numerous geographical location advantages because of its close proximity to residential estates that house more than 60% of the city’s population. These include Migosi, Lolwe, Nyawita, Riat, Kanyakwar and Mamboleo estates which are both expansive and densely inhabited with the middle to upper middle class population of the city.

The Construction of Nyakoe Market

This project was initiated by a presidential directive to enhance trading at the Nyakoe Market in Kisii County and therefore contribute to the socio-economic development of the county. The project involves the construction of an ultra-modern market, drilling and equipping of one (1) borehole, the construction of an elevated water tank for water supply to the market, the tarmacking of the access road to the market and cabro-paving of the market area.

The project was initiated on 7th of July, 2018 and is expected to be completed by 17th of July, 2024. The cost of the project is Ksh. 350 million.

Lichota, Muhoroni and Alupe Solar Irrigation Project.

The development of ITTCs on Agro-based technology transfer activities  involves the development of infrastructure for agriculture and livestock technologies.

The project will entail drilling of 2 boreholes, installation of solar array units for submersible borehole pump, building of 2 elevated steel tanks with pipe layouts, and installations of 2 irrigation units for irrigating 200ha of land. It will increase land irrigated agriculture spurring the productivity, enhancing food security and increasing household incomes using clean energy from solar sources and  production of high value crops through drip and sprinkler irrigation methods over 200 hectares of land in Lichota, Muhoroni , Alupe and Sangalo  Technology Transfer Centres in Migori, Kisumu and Busia Counties respectively.

The project was initiated on the 17th of July, 2015 and is expected to end in the FY 2023/24. The cost of the project is 1.231 billion.

Regional Demonstration and Technology Development Centre

The project activities were initiated by LBDA to enhance food security and improve the community’s livelihoods output through sustainable and cost-effective practices in inland fish farming. The project entails the annual production and distribution of 6,000,000 mono-sex fingerlings using the Reticulation Aquaculture System (RAS) technology and the rehabilitation of (8) technology transfers centers to enhance their capacity to train 1,605 fish farmers annually.

  • Estimated Project Cost: Ksh.150,000,000

 Mono-sexed fingerling technology transfer centres

The development of ITTCs on Mono-sexed fingerling technology transfer activities) at Rongo (0.43 ha) ponds area (2576m2), Borabu (7 ha) ponds area (2145 m2), Kibos (2 ha) ponds area (13500 m2), Alupe (1.6 ha) ponds area (4060 m2), Chwele (2 ha) ponds area (6190 m2)