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Magwagwa Multipurpose Dam Project

Nandi Multipurpose Dam Project

Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Climate Resilient Wash Programme

Bio-Economic Technology Facilitation and Transfer Program in Western Kenya

Headquarters Development and Regional Housing Project

Fruits and Vegetables Processing Plant Project


Ndhiwa Modern Honey Refinery Project 

This project involves the construction of a modern honey refinery plant at Ndhiwa in Homa Bay County. The Authority is currently operating a small-scale honey refinery plant at the project site which has proved inadequate to address the increasing demand for honey in the region. The project will entail the purchase and installation of a honey processing machine at Ndhiwa to process 6 tonnes on honey per year. The project will also include expansion of infrastructure to scale up the honey refinery into a modern honey processing factory.

This project is one of the sustainability projects conceptualized to aid in sustaining the operations of the Authority. The cost of the project is Ksh. 55 million. The Authority is currently mobilizing resources to implement the project effectively.