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The Projects and Programmes

1 . Lake Basin Mall Complex

As part of LBDA’s mandate, the Authority’s aim is to stimulate enterprise growth as well as enhance socio-economic development for improvement of community livelihoods in the Region. In this regard, the Authority is implementing a major project titled ‘LBDA Headquarters and Housing Development Project’ covering the entire region and is estimated at Kshs. 25 billion.

The LBDA Mall Complex which is part of this Mega-Project is a state-of-the-art complex covering approximately 60,000m2 located at its headquarters along Kisumu-Kakamega highway near Mamboleo junction.

Components of the Mall Complex

  • Shopping mall
  • 3 Star Hotel
  • Show Rooms
  • Tyre Centre
  • Recreational Park


In accessing the mall, shoppers will enjoy the traffic advantages from the improvement of the Kisumu-Kakamega dual carriage way and the planned Londiani-Miwani-Kisumu bypass. The slip road connecting the Airport to the Mall through Uzima University is also set for upgrade into a tarmacked road.

Geographical Advantages

The LBDA Mall Complex enjoys numerous geographical location advantages because of its close proximity to residential estates that house more than 60% of the city’s population. These include Migosi, Lolwe, Nyawita, Riat, Kanyakwar and Mamboleo estates which are both expansive and densely inhabited with the middle to upper class population of the city.

2.  Lake Basin Development Company (LBDC)

The enormous potential in the rice sub-sector in enhancing food security and livelihoods has been under-exploited with due regard to policy and institutional support. Therefore, LBDC which is a commercial wing of LBDA owns Kibos Rice Mill Complex and is part of the appropriate initiative to develop the agro-processing sub-sector to make it more competitive so as to achieve food security.

The complex has modern milling machines with a through-put capacity of 3.5 tons per hour (24,000 tons per annum) of milling and 25 tons per hour of cleaning and drying paddy.

Other opportunities that exist in the complex are;

  • Rice seed processing
  • Feed manufacture
  • Water Bottling Plant (Rice Mill)
  • Co-generation of energy

3. Regional Demonstration and Technology Development Centres

The Regional Demonstration Centres have been in existence since 1986 and have been impacting on the community. However, in 2014 LBDA saw it fit to restructure the centres to operate above break-even point and turn them into centres of excellence. Towards this end, the Authority has started with the rehabilitation of fish farms and is planning to establish a Reticulation Aquaculture System (RAS) technology at Kibos Integrated Technology Transfer Centre. The technology will aid in the production of 4,000,000 mono-sexed fingerlings and 600 tonnes of table-size fish annually.

The centres support technology transfer in agriculture and livestock development, promotion of coffee and aquaculture development (Reticulation Aquaculture System (RAS)).

4 . Nyakoe Market

LBDA within its mandate has prioritized the construction of the Nyakoe Market in collaboration with the County Government of Kisii. This ultra-modern market which is a presidential directive is set to promote trade and generally enhance economic vibrancy in this region.

5 .Lichota, Muhoroni and Alupe Solar Irrigation Project

This project entails the establishment of 6 solar powered boreholes with a reservoir steel tank each for the irrigation of 200 hectares covering Lichota, Muhoroni and Alupe. The Authority targets to set a nucleus farm of 81 acres for paddy rice production. The rest of the land will be put under maize and horticultural production. The technology used to irrigate land will be low-head sprinkler irrigation.

6 .Flagship Projects

a) Magwagwa Multipurpose Hydro Power Project

The dam site is on Sondu River near Magwagwa town and the project is estimated to cost Kshs. 86.8 billion. The project covers 5 counties namely: Bomet, Kericho, Nyamira, Homabay and Kisumu.

The Expected Outputs

  • 95m high and 450m long dam with live storage capacity of 445 million m3
  • 120 MW of hydropower giving energy production of 570 GWh/yr.
  • 33km 132KV Transmission Line
  • 13,807 ha irrigated land in Kano/Nyakach plains (Phase 1: 3,063 ha)
  • Water supply infrastructure to people in surrounding towns
  • Buildings, Roads and other infrastructures


b) Nandi Forest Dam Multipurpose Project

The dam site is on Yala River in Nandi Forest and the project will cost Kshs. 47.7 billion. The Project covers four counties namely: Nandi, Kakamega, Vihiga and Kisumu.

The Expected Outputs

  • 67m high and 1558m long dam with live storage capacity of 230 million m3
  • 50 MW of hydropower giving energy production of 150 GWh/yr.
  • 33km 132KV Transmission Line
  • 7,251 ha irrigated land (Phase 1: 3,009 ha)
  • Water supply infrastructure to people in surrounding towns
  • Buildings, Roads and other infrastructures